Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hundley Headlines for November 5-9, 2018

Note to Parents:
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  For the BoxTops!  Our class won the fall competition and they won an ice cream party, plus they get to eat lunch on the stage next Thursday, November 14th.   Please continue to COLLECT and SAVE BoxTops for the February competition!  In other words, never stop collecting and saving as our school benefits greatly from equipment and rewards.  Thanks again!!!!!

Reminder:  We have NO SCHOOL this Friday, Nov. 9 for Professional Development for Faculty and Staff.  We also have NO SCHOOL on Monday, Nov. 12 in observance of Veteran’s Day!  Hats off the each and every Veteran!!!!  

Please! Please!  Please!  1.  Sign agendas daily!  2.  Please read and log 2 steps with your child daily.  If they miss their steps for the evening, they are expected to make it up at school, which may result in lack of centers, recess, iPad time, etc.   3.  Make sure the two reading series books are returned each day, (along with the book bag and reading folder with all of its contents)!  We are counting the reading books daily and we count on having them here for others to use!  Thank you so much!  4.  The Power Goal Sheet (blue cardstock) will give you more information on what to specifically work on with your child.  Please use this as a guide and keep it in the folder!

·       letters Ll and Kk – know formation and letter sounds
·       know Power Words at FLASH SPEED
·       tracking by matching the word with what is written as you read
·       ask and answer questions about books we read
·       write sentences using the letter sounds and using meatball spacing
·       make predictions about stories and events
·       count by 1s up to 100
·       count by 10s
·       identify our numbers 1-20
·       become a zoologist and learn all about mammals

·       read for 30 minutes every night counting 2 steps
·       if you read more, please log those as well
  • practice writing letters as needed - stay within lines
·       know your numbers 1-20
·       count by 1s up to 100 

·       www.starfall.com
·       www.abcmouse.com

·       Nov. 9 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher Professional Development
·       Nov. 12  – NO SCHOOL - Veterans Day observed – Thank a Veteran!
·       Nov. 15 – Report cards go home
·       Nov. 21 - 23 – NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
·       Dec 13 - Interims Issued
·       Dec 17 - Jan 1 – NO SCHOOL - Winter Break
·       Jan 21 – NO SCHOOL - MLK Jr Day
·       Jan 28-29 - NO SCHOOL – Student Holiday / Teacher Workday
ENCORE:  (1:15-2:05)
·       Monday – STEM
·       Tuesday  – CODING 
·       Wednesday  – ART
·       Thursday  – LIBRARY – bring library books and get a new one
·       Friday – Nov. 9 – NO SCHOOL
·       Monday, Nov. 12 – NO SCHOOL
·       Tuesday – MUSIC
·       Wednesday – PE

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