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Hundley Healines Oct.8-12, 2018

Hundley Headlines for October 8-12, 2018
IMPORTANT:  Our Reading Log Folders will be coming home each night beginning Oct. 8!!  Please read with your child for the 2 STEPS each night.  Each step consists of reading a book for 15 minutes.  After the two books are read, please have students ‘log’ the two steps and we will need you to initial that this homework assignment is completed.  This will be each night Monday thru Friday.  You may use any books from home or library books.  Time may be split up in three 10 minute sessions, one 30 minute session, or whatever works for you, your child, and your family’s schedule.

In addition, our Reading Log Folders contain student Power Words, please collect and keep these in their ziploc bag or in a safe place at home to review with your child often.  A Power Goal form will also be included in the Reading Log Folders, these will give you more information on what we are specifically working on with your child and give you guidelines to help at home.  Please keep this form in the folder and do not remove or write on it.  Thanks!

PTA FUN RUN:  Please participate in this event.  It is a lot of fun for the kids, they earn prizes, we earn prizes as a class, and we also earn a portion of the profits for our classroom.  Please log onto   to see more information about the Leader Board, prizes, etc.  A paper was previously sent home with information specific to your child.

This week:
  • Power Words (3 new ones each week):  see, can, the
  • working on the letters Mm, Bb, Rr, Ss, and now Tt and Gg; recognize, identify, name, spell, and use as beginning sounds
  • continue to count words in sentences
  • touch and hop to each word as you read
  • use letters to write words, use beginning sounds as we learn them
  • tell the setting of stories
  • make connections to the stories we read each day
  • tell what authors and illustrators do
  • identify, describe, create, extend and transfer repeating patterns using AB, AAB, ABB, AABB, ABC patterns
  • talking and learning about signs of fall

Upcoming events: 
  • Oct. 9 – Fire Department Visits CAES
  • Oct. 10 – Field Trip to Darden Farm
  • Oct. 17 – NO SCHOOL for students; Parent-Teacher Conference Day
  • Oct. 19 – PTA Fun Run
  • Oct. 22 – 30 – Book Fair
  • Oct. 26 – Grand Lunch
  • Oct. 31 – Book Character Dress Up Day
  • Nov. 1 – PICTURE Make Up Day
  • Nov. 2 -  WEAR-A-CAPE Day (be a magician, superhero, royalty, etc)
  • Nov. 9 – NO SCHOOL for students; Staff Professional Development Day
Encore:  (Check front cover of your child’s agenda for our Encore class colors)
·       Monday – PE  (wear tennis shoes)
·       Tuesday – STEM
·       Wednesday – CODING
·       Thursday – ART
·       Friday – LIBRARY (bring library books)
·       Monday (Oct. 15) – MUSIC

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