Sunday, September 23, 2018

HUNDLEY HEADLINEs for September 24-18, 2018


We are really enjoying getting to know your child.  They have settled in very nicely here at CAES!   Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, and/or concerns.  You can email me at dhundley@iwcs., or write a note in your child’s agenda.  
If you haven’t, please go to the Parent Portal and sign all forms.  I have sent home two copies of your child’s password needed for this. This much be completed in order for your child to use the iPads or computer labs.   The office will be glad to help you if you have any further questions.  

So far we have been ‘reading’ lots of yellow books during reading lab.  Our teachers have read many books to us.  Some of the things that we have worked on are…
  • identifying letters, words, and sentences and the differences between them
  • identify the front cover, the title, the back and the title page of a book
  • discuss what an author and an illustrator do
  • sorted objects by color, size, and shape


Agendas will come back and forth from home and school each day!  Please help your child get in this routine.  Also, write any notes for transportation changes in the agenda on the corresponding day.  Please make sure the agenda is signed/initialed each day and placed back in your child's backpack.  Also, note that at the front of the agendas are answers to frequently asked questions regarding various CAES guidelines.  The red folders will come home once a week, either Thursday or Friday.  Please read items, remove them, return what is needed, and return red folder the next day.  Red folders may also be sent home on special occasions.  Again, to be returned the next day.

As for breakfast, please let your child know whether they should or should not get breakfast at school.  Please write a note in their agenda to help us help them.  And please know that we have a snack time about 10:30 am each day.  It is very helpful to send them something nutritious that can be eaten with hands (not utensils) such as fruit, crackers, cheese, cereal bars, fruit snacks, etc.  Thank you so much!

Extra clothes would be helpful to be left in your child’s book bag in case of accidents.  Just place in a gallon ziploc with your child’s name on them as we have already needed these for slips into wet spots on the playground etc.  Thank you!

HOMEWORK:  (nightly)  Please practice what is needed for your child.
  • begin to recognize and tell your bus number if you ride a bus, or say that they are a YMCA student or a PICK UP!
  • practice writing your name using the first letter in uppercase form with all others being lowercase formation, start on left side of paper and work towards the right
  • read and/or listen to a book/story for 30 minutes each night with family or friends

ENCORE SCHEDULE (1:15 - 2:05pm)

Monday – CODING (enjoy technology)
Tuesday – ART (be creative and artistic)
Wednesday – LIBRARY (bring library book back each week)
Thursday – MUSIC (enjoy singing, learn songs)
Friday – PE (lots of exercise/activity)
Monday, October 1 – STEM (exercise your brain)

  • Sept. 28 – 1:00 dismissal (Door 12 will open at 12:50) and Smithfield High School’s homecoming parade
  • Oct. 1 – PTA Fun Run fundraiser starts
  • Oct. 3 – First quarter interim reports come home
  • Oct. 3 – School picture day #1: Ms. Seward’s class (new date), Pre-K, Kindergarten, & 1st grade
  • Oct. 4 – School picture day #2: Ms. Terry’s class (new date), 2nd grade, & 3rd grade
  • Oct. 5 – Spirit day: Crazy Hair/Crazy Hats (The Cardinal Spirit Stick will be up for grabs!)
  • Oct. 5 – New date for Fall Pizza Bingo (doors open at 6:00 p.m.)
  • Oct. 17 NO SCHOOL: Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Oct. 19 – PTA Fun Run!!!!
  • Oct. 22 – 30 – Fall Scholastic Book Fair
  • Oct. 26 – Grand Lunch

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