Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hundley Headlines for October 1-5, 2018

Dear Parents,
Parent-Teacher Conference day will be held this month on Wednesday, October 17.  More information will be forthcoming.

It is very helpful for you to sign/initial your child’s agenda each night so that we can know that you have seen it for notes, etc.  We check agendas every morning!  We will write notes and/or ‘clip’ important papers in the agenda each day when needed.  If there are any changes to the bus routes, please note this on the appropriate date.

Breakfast continues to be confusing for some students.  Please talk to your child so they know if they are supposed to eat breakfast at school; and let us know if your child should or should not get breakfast in the mornings.  Thank you for helping us with this until the students get used to the daily procedures.

BIG EVENT:  October 8th will be our first day of bringing home our “Reading Logs” with 2 books to read.  This will be their homework each night.  They will need to log two STEPS each night at home and we will log two steps here at school.  Every 15 minutes of reading equals one step, so they will have 30 minutes of homework every night.  We have been practicing and logging since our first day.  We are ready to begin this process at home too.

This week, we will:
  • recognize and write the letters Rr and Ss to the Mm and Bb we learned last week
  • name, read and spell words that begin with /r/ and /s/  
  • point at words in books as we read, be able to count the number of words in a sentence
  • use letters to write words
  • identify characters and settings in stories we read aloud
  • tell what authors and illustrators do
  • continue to be able to sort by size, shape, and color
  • recognize, create and extend patterns
·       practicing writing your first name, using an upper case letter and the rest lower case
·       know your bus number
·       get parent/guardian to sign/initial agendas each night for an extra sticker and a star

  • Oct. 1 – PTA Fun Run fundraiser begins
  • Oct. 3 – Picture Day for Kindergarten
    • Pinky Promise Day – Anti-bullying Activity (get your pinky nail painted)
    • First quarter interims go home
  • Oct. 5 – Class spirit stick competition: Crazy Hair/Crazy Hats
  • Oct. 5 -  New Date for the Fall Pizza Bingo @ 6;00
  • Oct. 9 – Upstanders Day ~ Dress as a Super Hero!
  • Oct. 17 – Parent-Teacher Conference Day
  • Oct. 19 – PTA Fun Run
·       Oct. 22 – 30 – Fall Book Fair
·       Oct. 26 – Grand Lunch
·       Oct. 31 – Book Character Dress-up day and parade

·       Monday = S.T.E.M.
·       Tuesday = CODING
Tuesday’s = Computer Lab for our class, please be sure the AUP form is signed so that
your child may participate!  Thank you!
·       Wednesday = ART
Wednesday this week is picture day, please be sure the form is signed so your child may have their
picture taken
·       Thursday = LIBRARY ( be sure to return library books)
·       Friday = MUSIC
·       Monday (Oct. 8) = P.E.

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