Thursday, August 30, 2018

HUNDLEY’s HEADLINES for September 2018

Welcome…  Welcome, my name is Denise Hundley. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have lived in Smithfield all of my life.  I have two grown sons, two young grandchildren, and a little ten pound dog named, Gizmo!  I enjoy the beach and I love spending time with family and friends. 

The quickest way to get in touch with me is via email at  Also, I will send group messages/reminders out through the REMIND system.  We check agendas daily if you need to write a note.  Please check out my blog at for important information and notices.  I look forward to teaching your child.  Together we will make it a great year!

Transportation…  Any time that your child has a change in afternoon transportation please send a note in their agenda.  For the first two weeks, please note each day how your child will get home.  (eg. Bus 5, mom will pick up, YMCA)

Volunteers…  I encourage parents to volunteer at the school and in our classroom.  If you are interested in volunteering please send me a note.

Daily Schedule…

8:35-9:05 Developmental Stations
9:05-9:35 Morning Meeting
9:40-11:35 Language Arts/Writing
11:30-12:25 Math
12:25-12:55 Lunch
1:15-2:05 Resource  (1:15-2:45 Tuesday ONLY)
2:05-2:35 Math Whole Group
2:35-3:00 Unit Study/Science Lab
3:00-3:20 Recess
3:20-3:40 Pack Up/Story Time/Dismissal

Resource Schedule…  We will follow a 6 Day Color Rotation as follows…
Red – LIBRARY with Ms. Mitra
Orange – MUSIC with Mr. Summit
Yellow - PE, Ms. Madden
Green – STEM with Ms. Vukmanic
Blue – CODING with Ms. Harris
Purple – ART with Ms. Enyingi

Homework…  Homework will consist of reading, practicing counting and learning your child’s Power Words.  We are asking that you read with your child 30 minutes each day and sign both steps each night in your child’s reading log.

Cheer Chart…  Each student will have their own Cheer Chart.  Students will earn a sticker each time they fill their 5-STARS on the Great Choices board.  This could be for treating others kindly, following directions, or being a star citizen.  When a student receives 20 stickers they will be rewarded with a visit to the treasure box.  

Students will also be given an agenda sticker daily.  If they struggled to follow classroom expectations for that day we will remove the sticker and write a note in the agenda to inform you of what occurred that day.

Rewards…  The class will be working together as a team to earn rewards for desired behaviors.  This may include compliments from other adults in the building for exhibiting desired behavior as a group.  When the class receives twenty compliments they will have a compliment party.
Other positive reinforcements for behavior include: extra recess, stickers, good notes in agendas, or positive phone calls home.

Weekly Folders…  Each Thursday your child will bring home their weekly folder.  The folder will have any graded papers that were completed the previous week and announcements from the school / classroom.  The graded papers should be kept at home.  Please look over papers and return the empty folder to school on Friday.

A Look Ahead…
-        August 30 - Meet your Teacher Night
-        Sept 3  - NO SCHOOL Labor Day
-        Sept 4 - First Day of School
-        Oct 3 – Interims
-        Oct 17 – Elementary School Holiday, Teacher Work Day, Parent Conference

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