Monday, October 30, 2017

Hundley Headlines October 30, 2017

October 30 – November 3, 2017

Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled soon!  I will be sending a note soon.  We have completed PALS testing and are finishing SEAL testing now. I look forward to meeting with you in the next few weeks to discuss your child’s progress.

This week…
·      Learn about short vowels:
o   /a/ as in alligator, apple
o   /e/ as in elephant, egg
o   /i/ as in igloo, iguana
o   /o/ as in olive, octopus
o   /u/ as in umbrella, under
·      Listen for short vowel sounds when we are “stretching out” and spelling words
·      Practice Power Words every night!  Must read at flash speed!
·      Have fun being ‘Zoologist’ and learn all about mammals; wild/domestic; farm/zoo

In review…
·      Identify title page, setting, characters, and events in stories read
·      Practice counting by 1s and 10s

·      Read and record two steps every night in order to stay on target and polish your skills!

·      Oct. 30 – Book Fair begins
o   students looked & picked 3 books that they would like, form being sent home today with their selections
·      Oct. 31 – Book Character Parade @ 1:10
o   Dress up and bring your book to show!
·      Nov. 2 – School picture make-up day!  Please let me know if you want your child’s picture retaken on 11.2.17
·      Nov. 3 – Grand Lunch (Hundley lunchtime: 12:40 – 1:10)
·      Nov. 9 – Book Fair ends at noon, also
§  Wear Red, White and Blue to honor our Military Veterans
·      Nov. 10 – Veterans Day – NO SCHOOL
·      Nov. 14 – PTA @ 6:45 – 2nd grade performance
·      Nov. 22-24 – Thanksgiving Break (no school)

·      Monday – Art
·      Tuesday – Library (bring your book)
·      Wednesday – Music
·      Thursday – PE (wear tennis shoes)
·      Friday – STEM
·      Monday, Nov. 6 – Coding

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