Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hundley's Headlines for Week 9

October 31 – November 4, 2016

·       PALS testing ends this week!  Assessments have been done in PALS screening (Phonological. Awareness. Literacy. Screening.) and IRLA from ARC (American Reading Company), so I will be sending a note home very soon to schedule a conference with you to go over PALS and IRLA results and overall progress.
·       Keep saving and sending in Box Tops.  Prizes awarded for Kindergarten class with most box tops collected and turned in.  Ask grandparents, family, friends, neighbors to collect them.  J

Reading - Remember, your child needs to log in at least 2 Steps in their Reading Log each night at home. Counting today (11.01.16), your child should have at least 96 Steps logged into his/her reading log.  Colored beads will be awarded for 100 Steps!  Some of our classmates earned that yesterday!!!  Congratulations to Connor and Colin!!!  Also, if your child misses a night of reading, that’s 2 Steps missed.  The Steps must be made up at home or at school.  It is okay to read for more than 30 minutes and log in more than 2 books a night.  Every Step counts!!!!
Math - students worked on identifying numbers 1 through 10 and writing numbers in correct form.
Math at home practice – look in the black math workbook I sent home from our series for additional practice. It's a resource to you. Also, the students may play STMATH (JiJi) at home. Students have to reach module 2 before they are able to play from home. It will probably be another week or two before our Kindergarteners reach that point. Even though it says homework, it is not homework! ;)  Matific is another great computer resource.

Unit Study -
we learned the five senses, and used position words to describe the location of objects (above, below, left, right, far, near); now we are studying Zoology and learning about mammals, what makes a mammal a mammal, baby mammals, and mammal life cycles. 

This week, we will:  
  • Learn about the letters Yy, Zz, Vv…their sounds and proper capital and lower case letter formation.
  • Identify and count words in sentences. 
  • Use letters and sounds to write ideas / a sentence in our journals
  • Identify and read our Power Words at FLASH SPEED.
  • Identify the front cover, back cover, and title pages of books
  • Count by 1s and 10s, recognize numbers 1-10, write numbers 1-10, and count objects 1-10
Upcoming dates:
Oct 31 - Book Fairs starts
Nov 4 - Grand Lunch, 2:20 pm early dismissal,
             end 1st quarter
Nov 6 - Daylight Savings Time ends
Nov 8 - Election Day, Book Fair closes at noon!
Nov 11 - Veteran's Day NO SCHOOL
Nov 17 - Report Cards go home
Nov 23 - Fall Party & Early Release @ 12:50pm.
Nov 24-25 - Thanksgiving Break
Dec 7 - Early Dismissal @ 1pm
Dec. 13 – PTA (3rd grade)
Dec. 14 – Interims Issued
Dec. 16 – last day of school before Winter Break
Jan. 4 – First day back from Winter Break
Jan. 11 – Class Pictures
Jan. 12 – Yearbook Pic Make-up for NEW students only
Jan. 16 – MLKing Jr Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
Jan. 19 – CAES Math Night
Jan. 26 – Donuts with Dads Breakfast; school dismissed 2:20
Jan. 27 – end of 2nd quarter
Jan. 30 – Teacher Workday – NO SCHOOL for students
Jan. 31 – Professional Development Day –
                NO SCHOOL for students

Teacher Wish List:           stamp pads for students to use in centers

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