Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hundley Headlines - November 7-11, 2016


WEEK 10 – November 7-11, 2016

WOW!  It is hard to believe that the first nine-weeks of Kindergarten is already over.  I am pleased to be meeting with each of you at our scheduled conference time!
This week we will:
  • learn about short vowel sounds  =  /a/ (apple) /e/ (egg) /i/ (inchworm) /o/ (octopus) and /u/ (umbrella)
  • learn proper letter formation of vowels = Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo and Uu
  • review all consonant sounds and be able to use these at the beginning of new words
  • recognize and read all of our Power Words at FLASH SPEED!
  • track words: match spoken word with print when we read
  • write and identify letters, words, and sentences
  • answer questions about stories that we read
  • Math:  count by 1s and 10s; learn to count on from a given number; identify one more and one less than a number (one more than 9, one less than 5)
Homework for the week:
  • read for 30 minutes every night and log in at least 2 steps for the 30 minutes that you read; if you read for more than 30 minutes – log in another book, remember: every 15 minutes equals one step
  • practice ALL Power Words each night, remember: flash speed!
Looking ahead at important dates:
Nov 8 - Election Day
Nov 19 -  Book Fair closes at noon!
Nov 11 - Veteran's Day NO SCHOOL
Nov 17 - Report Cards go home
Nov 23 - Fall Party & Early Release @ 12:50pm.
Nov 24-25 - Thanksgiving Break
Dec 7 - Early Dismissal @ 1pm
Dec. 13 – PTA (3rd grade)
Dec. 14 – Interims Issued
Dec. 16 – last day of school before Winter Break
Jan. 4 – First day back from Winter Break
Jan. 11 – Class Pictures
Jan. 12 – Yearbook Pic Make-up for NEW students only
Jan. 16 – MLKing Jr Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
Jan. 19 – CAES Math Night
Jan. 26 – Donuts with Dads Breakfast;
               school dismissed 2:20
Jan. 27 – end of 2nd quarter
Jan. 30 – Teacher Workday – NO SCHOOL for students
Jan. 31 – Professional Development Day –
               NO SCHOOL for students

Our resource rotation schedule this week: (1:15 - 2:05)

       Monday – Coding         (Blue Day)
       Tuesday – Art        (Purple Day)
       Wednesday – Library    (Red Day)
       Thursday – Music        (Orange Day)
       Friday – P.E.        (Yellow Day)
       Monday – S.T.E.M.        (Green Day)

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