Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hundley's Headlines - Week 5

October 3 - 7, 2016
Fall!  Yay!  Cooler temperatures!  Our class is settling in nicely into our routine. 
This past week we have been:
  • learning about fall - looking at colors of apples, how their seeds form a star pattern, tasting and graphing our favorite kinds
  • reading for the '100 Book Challenge'
  • reading books by the author Tomie dePaola
  • identifying numbers 
  • sorting 'attributes' by color, shape and size 
  • learning our 5C's (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, citizenship) as incorporated by IOWCS
  • having Mrs. Dale visit us for our first Guidance lesson, we talked about Bucket Filling 
  • reading for our Reading Log:  this week we began reading and “logging in” books that are read at school.  This week you will begin this at home for homework.  We’ve been practicing at school daily so your Kindergarten student is ready to start doing this at home, as well.  More information will come home about this on Tuesday.  Please look for it.
 This upcoming week we will:
  • learn about the letters Mm, Rr, Bb and Ss
  • name, read, and spell words that begin with /m/ /b/ /r/ and /s/ 
  • read the words am, all, a
  • recognize and generate rhyming words
  • count words in sentences
  • use letters to write words
  • relate letters to words, and words to sentences
  • identify characters and settings in stories we read aloud
  • tell what authors and illustrators do
  • retell stories we read aloud
  • recognize, creating and extend patterns
  • continue learning about the season of fall
  • learn about our 5 senses

Homework for this week:
  • recognize upper and lowercase letters Mm, Bb, Rr and Ss
  • identify the sounds of /m/ /b/ /r/ and /s/
  • begin Reading Log Folder at home:  read to your student for 30 minutes and log the reading step (you can split the time if you choose to - two 15 minute reading sessions or three 10 minute sessions or one 20 minute session and one 10 minute session or one 30 minute session – up to you!  
  • create patterns with colors, movements and objects (red, blue, red, blue, red, blue) (clap, clap, tap, clap, clap, tap) (pencil, penny, candy, pencil, penny, candy) 

Upcoming Dates: 
  • October 5 - Interims to be issued
  • October 11 – PTA / Back to School night from 6:15 – 8:00
  • October 14 – Early dismissal @ 1:00
  • October 19 – Early dismissal @ 1:00
  • October 21 – Field Trip to the Children’s Museum 
    • Permission form will come home this week!  Please check for this.
  • October 27 - Read for the Record Day; Fall picture make-ups!
  • October 31 - Book Fair begins
  • November 6 - Daylight Savings Time Ends
  • November 8 - Election Day 
  • November 11 - Veterans Day - NO SCHOOL

Resource schedule for this week:  (6 day rotation)
·       Monday – Library (red)
·       Tuesday – Music (orange)
·       Wednesday - PE (yellow)
·       Thursday – STEM (green)
·       Friday – Coding (blue)
·       Monday (Oct.10) -Art (purple)

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