Monday, September 23, 2019

Hundley’s Headlines for September 23-27, 2019

We are doing a great job getting to know each other, learning about their new school, following routines and classroom guidelines.  Email me at  or send a note in the red folder if you have any questions or need to notify me of absences, transportation changes, or other information.

·       NEW:  Please initial your child’s calendar sheet in the red folder each day!
·       NEW:  Write bus change in the daily box of the calendar sheet!
·       Please join our fantastic PTA for $10.00!  They are so helpful and supportive of the students and teachers!
·       If your child is absent, please send a note or email stating the reason for the absence.  We are submitting these to the office.  Thanks so much!
·       Thanks for including an extra set of clothes in your child’s book bag in case there is a mishap/accident. Sometimes the playground is wet and occasionally we kindergarteners have spills.  Having a set of clothes really helps!  The clothes will remain in their book bag until they are needed.  You may also include a sweater, hoodie, or jacket for the chilly days.
·       Have your child learn their bus number if they ride one. 

HOMEWORK:  In order to keep your child’s academics on task and progressing as needed, we are working on the following….
·       Reading:
o   read with your family for 30 minutes each day; we are logging 2 steps daily at school; we will eventually begin logging at home but not until October
o   we are learning the sounds that are associated with the letters of the alphabet
o   we are learning about the letters Gg and Tt  (beginning sounds for /r/=rock, run, red and beginning sound s/=sun, see, sit)
o   begin identifying words in sentences and knowing that there is a space between them
o   identify the front cover, the title, the title page and the back of a book
o   discuss what an author and an illustrator do
·       Writing:
o    practice writing your first name – uppercase letter at the beginning, all others are lowercase; we will be working on writing on the lines
·       Math:
o    we are learning to name, recognize, and use the plane shapes – circle, square, rectangle and triangle (including know the number of sides on each shape)
o    we are counting numbers up to 10, our goal is to be able to count to 100
·       Science / Social Studies:
o   we are learning about being a G.R.E.A.T. citizen!  G=Growth, R=Respect, E=Empathy, A=Accountability, T=Trustworthiness

·       Reading Eggs
·       Teach Your Monster How to Read (Usborne Company)
·       ABCya
·       Super Why (PBS Kids)


  • Oct 2 - Interims come home
  • Oct 2 - Fall school portrait day (prek, k, 1st)
  • Oct 14 - no school/ PD for staff
  • Oct 22 - K field trip, pumpkin patch, more info to come
  • Oct 30 - Fall school portrait make-up day
  • Nov 1 - end of nine weeks
  • Nov 8 - No school/ PD & work day for staff
  • Nov 11 - Veteran's Day no school
  • Nov 14 - Report cards
  • Nov 27-29 - No school Thanksgiving
  • Dec 6 - no school/ parent conferences
  • Dec 11 - Interims come home
  • Dec 19 thru Jan 3 - No School (Winter Break)
  • Jan 20- MLK JR Day no school
  • Jan 29 - end of 9 weeks and 1st semester
  • Jan 30 - No school/PD for staff
  • Jan 31 - No School/ PD for staff

ENCORE:  (1:15-2:05) àthis is also taped in your child’s red folder
Monday = Engineering with Mrs.Hall
Tuesday = P.E. with Mrs.Madden (wear tennis shoes)
               Technology & Computer Sci with Mrs.Pealo
               Library with Mrs.Mitra (bring library book)
Wednesday = S.O.A.R. with Mrs.Vukmanic
Thursday = Art with Mrs.Enyingi 
Friday = Music with Mr.Simmons

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hundley Headlines for September 3, 2019

Helpful Notes:
Ø  BUS/YMCA/PICKUPPlease send a note everyday for the first two weeks to let me know your child’s transportation for that day!

Ø  EXTRA CLOTHES It would be very helpful if you could pack an extra set of clothes for your child in his/her backpack (place in a Ziploc bag).  Kindergarteners sometimes have bathroom accidents, spill things on their clothes or slip outside and get wet/muddy.  Mrs. Stalls, our nurse will help them change into clean/dry clothes and return their soiled clothes in their backpacks. 

Ø  BREAKFAST Please let your child know whether they need to go get breakfast at school or if they have already eaten at home (feel free to send me a note to clarify)

Ø  SNACK.let your child know which is their morning snack

Ø  LUNCH 12:05-12:35 daily; please send money in labeled envelope or baggie; if money is on your child’s account you do not need to send money in by your child; if you need your child’s 5-digit code to use the online account just let me know J

Ø  RED FOLDER. Please return to school each day!!

This week:
We will focus on making new friends and enjoying our first week of kindergarten.  We will also work on establishing routines, following class and school rules, coloring, cutting, gluing and being good listeners!

Upcoming Events:

·       Sept 3 - 1st day of school
·       Oct 2 - Interims come home
·       Oct 14 – NO SCHOOL - PD for staff
·       Oct 2 - Fall school portrait day (prek, k, 1st)
·       Oct 30 - Fall school portrait make-up day
·       Nov 1 - end of nine weeks
·       Nov 8 – NO SCHOOL – PD/work day for staff
·       Nov 11 – NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day
·       Nov 14 - Report cards

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hundley’s Headlines for March 25 - 29, 2019

Parents: We are winding down on the BOX TOP competition.  Please turn in all box tops that you can get your hands on.  Thanks so much!  We want to WIN the competition again!

Announcement:  The kindergarten classes will present out knowledge of bees at our EXPO on Tuesday, May 7 from 6:00-6:30.  You all are invited to come so we can share what we have learned.  More information will come at a later time.  Please put the date and time on your calendar.

·       Please send a note or email if your child is absent.  We are submitting these to the office.  Thanks so much!
·       Thanks for including an extra set of clothes in your child’s bookbag in case there is a mishap/accident. The playground is still wet and we kindergarteners have spills on occasion.  Having a set of clothes really helps!

HOMEWORK:  In order to keep your child’s academics on task and progressing as needed….
·       Reading:
o    new power words: going, make, give  (we  have learned all of the 1G power words and we are beginning 2G power words)
o    learn sounds sp-, sk-, and sm-  
o    know ALL Power Words (old and new), know them at FLASH SPEED
o    continue reading and logging 2 steps every night
o    continue reading skills: using beginning letter sounds for unfamiliar words, ask and answer questions about stories we read, identify the setting and characters, identify fiction / non-fiction, know what the author and illustrator do
·       Writing:
o    continue with writing skills of using meatball spacing between words, capital letters for beginning sentences, lower case letters for rest of words, form letters correctly by forming letters within the lines and touching the correct lines
·       Math:
o    learning about ‘fair share’ (fractions) Are the parts equal?  We say, “Is it a fair share?”  (make sure one part isn’t bigger than the other)
o    gather date and make a graph
o    review the identification of coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
o    count by 1s, 5s and 10s to 110
o    identify the number before and the number after a given number
·       Science / Social Studies:
o   Entomology:  continue studying bees à the bee life cycle

·       Reading Eggs
·       Teach Your Monster How to Read (Usborne Company)
·       ABCya
·       Super Why (PBS Kids)

·       Mar. 27 – Pizza Bingo (6:00 p.m.)
·       Apr. 2 – BayPort Savings Day
·       Apr. 11 – Spring portrait make-up day
·       Apr. 13 – 21 – Spring Break!

ENCORE:  (1:15-2:05)
·       Monday - ART
·       Tuesday – LIBRARY (return library books)
·       Wednesday – MUSIC
·       Thursday – PE (wear tennis shoes)
·       Friday – STEM
·       Monday, April 1 – CODING